About Nat

An aspiring documentary filmmaker and photographer who is passionate about telling untold stories through traveling to areas unseen by many. 

The approach to photography and motion-picture used by Natalie Kreidieh is one that is active towards spreading awareness about different social and environmental issues faced by our world's different faces. Kreidieh's style consists of mainly portraits of people she shared a moment with during her travels.

Kreidieh has directed films in Guatemala, South Africa, Lebanon, and Ecuador. She has taken photographs in Sri Lanka, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon (including Palestinian refugee camps), the USA, and several other countries. Also, she has directed Palestine Monologues, a theatrical production at the Lebanese American University.

The passion is rooted in making a change in our world through writing in light. Those who are aware may act, and those who act will make change. Therefore, her aim is to spread awareness, hope for action, and pray for change.

Kreidieh is committed to manually producing her shots and delivering them raw, allowing her to remain faithful to her work and to the audience.


U.S.A  +1 (571) 225 5520

Lebanon +9613 784 301

Saudi Arabia +966 54 6666802


Facebook: Nat Kreidieh

Instagram: natography_

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